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Help Wanted: Looking for Zoo and Aquarium Professionals to Interview

Any one who works with animals interested in doing an interview? (photo of trainer scuba diving with a dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego is by SeaWorld).

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for any zoo or aquarium professional who I can interview for my next blog entry which will focus on them and their career. If you or someone you know works as a zoo or aquarium professional and would loved to interviewed for “The Winter Dolphin Chronicles”, feel free to email me at Animaltrainer104@aol.com and I will come up with a series of questions. Professions can include:
*Animal Training
*Marine Biology
* Veterinary Science
*Wildlife Rehabilitation
*Animal Care and Husbandry
*Wildlife Education
Keep in mind that all questions that I’ll ask will all focus on your field and your take on the animals as you know them and how you are inspiring others to love and care about animals. I will greatly take interview more than one person and all I just is need out of this interview is just being yourself and opening up about the profession while inspiring others at the same time.

Thank you all for taking your time and have a great evening everyone,