A Whale of a Holiday Shopping Spree: Ideal Gifts for the Sea Life Lover in Your Life

Stuffed animals like this ever adorable Winter Doll, make great gifts for kids and young adults of all ages.

Since the Holiday season has just arrived, I decided that I’m going to write an entry about some ideal gifts that the ultimate sea life lover in your life. Below is a video that talks about some reading and video suggestions for the  aspiring marine mammal trainers in your life:

Here are some links to purchase or check out some of the books and DVDs mentioned in this video which talks about suggestive reading and viewing on animal training and care.

Wild Careers: Working with Animals: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Wild-Careers/Loran-Wlodarski/e/9781893698086

Dolphin Discovery: Bottlenose Dolphin Training and Interaction:http://www.amazon.com/Dolphin-Discovery-Bottlenose-Interaction-Education/dp/1…

Starting Your Career as a Marine Mammal Trainer:http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Career-Marine-Mammal-Trainer/dp/0971985324/ref…

Lads Before the Wind : Diary of a Dolphin Trainer :http://www.amazon.com/Lads-Before-Wind-Dolphin-Trainer/dp/1890948047/ref=pd_b…

A Dolphin In Front of Your: A Guide to Starting Your Career as a Dolphin Trainer: http://www.amazon.com/Dolphin-Front-You-Pete-Davey/dp/097672913X/ref=sr_1_1?i…

Believe: http://shamushop.com/SeaWorld-Believe-Show-DVD/M/B003E13022.htm

Celebrating Dolphins: http://shamushop.com/SeaWorld-Celebrating-Dolphins-DVD/M/B00443QKUI.htm

Winter: The Dolphin that Could:http://store.seewinter.com/seewinter.com/dvddocumentary.html

The Saving a Species DVDs are all available at the gift shops at SeaWorld Parks. If you buy them at the Animal Connections Conservation Center at SeaWorld San Antonio, or at a gift shop at any one of parks, the proceeds made from the purchase goes to the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

P.S., if you are interested in ordering the SeaWorld publication material, via, SeaWorld’s Education Department, learn more at:http://www.seaworld.org/education-resources/publications/how-to-order.htm

Gift certificates for animal encounters with sharks, fish, penguins and marine mammals at any facility such as Clearwater Marine Aquarium, SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, and Mystic Aquarium make great holiday gifts for the ultimate adventurer on your list.

For those who have friends or loved ones who want to get into dolphin biology, here are some awesome books on the topic that they will love.

"Dolphin Mysteries" focuses on the efforts to study and understand dolphin communication

Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication is an amazing book that focuses on the efforts of two dolphin biologists, Dr. Kathleen M. Dudzinski, and Dr. Toni Frohoff as they attempt to study and understand the secrets behind dolphin communication by studying dolphin populations in the Bahamas, Japan, and Guatemala. Over the years, they have found new ways to both understand and listen to the vocabulary and social signals of dolphins while providing a whole new scientifically accurate portrait of dolphins unlike any other the world has ever seen before. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in studying dolphin biology.

Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0300121121?%20%20tag=thedolpcommpr-%20%2020&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=030012112%20%201&adid=03VB9WH650V2PCH6PQM6&

"The Dolphin in the Mirror" is a fantastic book for anyone who is curious about dolphin intelligence and it should be ready by anyone who wants to one day work with these amazing mammals.

Dr. Diana Reiss’s The Dolphin in the Mirror is a cleaver book that focuses on her experience studying dolphin intelligence. Dr.Reiss began her work on dolphin intelligence more than 30 years ago when she worked with a young female dolphin named Circe at a small aquarium in France. A few years later in the 1980’s. She began doing several research projects with a dolphin colony at Marine World USA (now known as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom), and has even went on to work on a successful self-recognition project with two male dolphins at the  New York Aquarium in the 1990’s. Today, she is the director of National Aquarium’s dolphin research program, a member of two zoological organizations, and a professor at three colleges. She is also involved in the effort to stop the drive fisheries in Japan. Resiss’ years of observations and research done on dolphins will have you continue to appreciate these amazing animals.

The Dolphin in the Mirror: http://www.amazon.com/Dolphin-Mirror-Exploring-Minds-Saving/dp/0547445725

"To Touch A Wild Dolphin" is an incredible story about discovering the social lives of Australia's Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin population.

Below is a review video I did on To Touch A Wild Dolphin, a classic memoir by Rachel Smolker that tells the the true story of a young researcher named Rachel Smolker, who in the 1980’s started a long-term study on a population of Indo-Pacifc bottlenose dolphins in Monkey Mia in Shark Bay, Australia. It is a classic story about dolphins that is a must read for anyone who loves dolphins, and marine mammal research.

To Touch a Wild Dolphin: http://www.amazon.com/Touch-Wild-Dolphin-Discovery-Intelligent/dp/0385491778

If your friend or loved one has jewelry on their Christmas list, then Aelia Petro's animal necklaces make gifts for those who love animal-themed jewelry. Beautiful Winter Dolphin necklace Aelia. Visit her site at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByAelia?ref=seller_info

All the orca lovers on your list will love orca adoptions through the Whale Museum's killer whale adoption program. Each whale adoption comes with a certificate, photo, biography, genealogy and updates on how their whale and his/her pod is doing along with booklet on Southern Resident killer whales, and more.

All of these gift ideas and more can be found on:







Hope these gift suggestions make your Holiday shopping experience a good one and Happy Holidays.



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