CMA Dolphin Story: Nicholas (A.K.A. Winter’s Brother)

Nicholas is the only male dolphin who lives at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. You can see him at the Dolphin Terrance Exhibit.

Nicholas stranded ashore next to his mother Noelle on December 24th, 2002 at Bullfrog Creek, FL. Both animals suffered from severe sunburns. His mother died three days later from complications from her condition. Nicholas on the other hand, who was six-months old at the time suffered from third-degree sunburns from his melon to his dorsal fin. It covered more than thirty percent of his body. Because he had lost his mother during a time period where he would be dependent on her for his nutrition, the CMA staff gave him around-the-clock-care until he was weaned off several months later. He was declared unreleasable due to his dependent status at the time of his stranding and the lack of survival skills that would have developed during his calf years.For a number of years, Nicholas was housed with another male dolphin named Indy. They were extremely close with one another that, the CMA staff would often put them together. When Winter and Panama were moved out of Dolphin Terrance to go back to the Winter Zone exhibit, Nicholas and Indy were placed in Dolphin Terrance together. Sadly, Indy died this past spring from a sudden illness and Nicholas became the only animal to live in this pool. Today however, Nicholas is a playful bottlenose dolphin who loves his toys.  He is a nine-year-old adolescent male dolphin who weighs in at around 375 pounds.



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