The Touch Tank Experience

The Sea Carven has three different touch tanks. The first tank to the left is for animals that are in quarantine. The second, which is in the middle is the only tank we allow guests to touch the critters under supervision. The third is for animals about to be released.

So today, I worked at the touch tank which is located in the Sea Cavern exhibit. It was nice and quite with just only a few families just coming by so that they could allow their children to get a chance at touching one of our little critters. However, just a few minutes later, the cavern was loaded with families and youth groups, all of whom, all want to let their children have a chance at touching a little critter. There were so many kids at the cavern that I just wanted to tell you the story about one of them. So, this young girl, who was with her mom came up to me before I asked her from the other side of the touch tank if she would like to touch a critter today. The girl replied, “yes” and before long, I shared with her a variety of little critters, including several sea urchins. After touching her first critter, this girl would keep on coming right back to my tank side and ask me if she could hold another animal as I continued to show off  hermit crabs and a fighting chonch to other people in the cavern.  Eventually, I respected her wish and I picked up an animal for her to hold and I would tell her all about it.

Yes, even this large hermit crab was made to put up with the large crowds at the Sea Cavern today.

One of the reasons why I tell people about some of the animals that they get to touch at our touch tank is because people like to be informed about the animals they are seeing. For example, while I allowed some boy to hold hermit crab, I would tell him and his family the fact that hermit crabs are crustaceans that are born with their shells but they move from one shell to another as they get older, and so on. On some occasions, some of the guests would tell me stories about a time when they encounter such animals elsewhere. It’s pretty Amazing how connecting with people with just sharing a few little critters.




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